Excess Liability Insurance

CTS Underwriters, Inc. offers excess liability to our agency partners that provide coverage over most insurance companies.* The issuing carrier is rated A+ by A.M. Best. There are over 700 eligible class codes.

Insurance Best Fitting Risks

We are actively targeting the following classes of business with better average loss experience:

  • Restaurants
  • Hospitality: Hotels, Motels, etc.
  • Real Estate: Apartments, Vacant, Land/Farms, LRO Buildings etc.
  • Commercial and Trade Contractors
  • Manufacturing

Insurance Limits

  • For UMB, FFEXS and High EXS coverage: $1 million – $10 million
  • Maximum attachment point for High EXS: $25 million (not including primary limits)
  • All limits are automatically listed on the Quote Letter

Insurance Competitive Pricing

  • Low Hazard Minimum Premium $750/1st million, $650/additional layer
  • Medium Hazard Minimum Premium $900 / 1st million, $750 / additional layer

Insurance Maximum Exposures

  • Revenue Exposure: $15,000,000
  • Restaurants: up to 50% liquor
  • Land: 10,000 acres
  • Apartments: 3,000 unites
  • Real Estate: 1.5 million square feet
  • Dwellings: 150
  • Vehicle Fleet: 25 vehicles with no more than 10 extra heavy trucks

Insurance Restrictions

  • Contractors (residential): not available in AZ, CA, CO, FL, NV, OR, TX and WA
  • No residential contractors on new construction or structural works
  • Contractors (commercial): not available in NY, CO, HI, AR and SC
  • Liquor Liability: not available in AL, AK, Washington DC, NH, VT, WV and PA: Philadelphia and Luzerne counties
  • Section 8 Housing: available up to 15%
  • Student Housing: available up to 25%
  • Use of Cranes: available up to six stories

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